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Call: 1-800-825-8524

  1. Liam Cunningham

    Game of Thrones actor, Liam Cunningham, dropped out of school at age 15 and took a job as an electrician. He continued to work as an electrician when he moved to Africa to maintain equipment in a safari park.

  2. Stuart Pearce

    Before becoming a professional footballer, Pearce was working as both an electrician and a plumber while playing for his local non-league team.

  3. Rowan Atkinson


    Rowan Atkinson, the man behind Mr. Bean, studied at The Queen’s College and obtained a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering.

  4. Sir Bobby Charlton 

    Charlton’s mother forced him to originally train as an apprentice electrical engineer because she believed football was unlikely to provide him with a sustainable income. 

  5. George Harrison

    This Beatle was once an apprentice electrician. In a 1966 interview, he admitted he wasn’t the best at the trade by saying “I kept blowing things up, so I got dumped.”

  6. Alfred Hitchcock

    At age 16, Hitchcock first job was an apprentice electrician at Henley’s, who manufactured electronic appliances. It became clear to management that his talents were elsewhere and he then changed jobs within the company and was able to have his design and draftsman skills flourish. He later said Henley’s educated him technically, artistically, and commercially.

  7. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was not only the First American but also one of the first electricians in history. As an inventor and experimenter, he helped the world understand what electricity was and how it worked.

  8. Neil Armstrong

    The first man to set foot on the moon spent much of his academic career studying different aspects of engineering, the knowledge that eventually was put into use for his historic voyage.

  9. Elvis Presley

    Before his days of stardom, Elvis Presley began training to be an electrician. Imagine the King of Rock and Roll sporting an electrical toolkit! 

  10. Sir David Jason

    Before having a hugely successful acting career, Sir David trained as an electrician.