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    What do we buy?

    • Circuit Breakers

      New, surplus, and obsolete molded case circuit breakers, circuit breaker enclosures, panelboards, parts and accessories including shunt trips, rating plugs, and lug terminals

    • Motor Controls

      Motor Starters, MCC Buckets, Combination Starters, Motor Starter Accessories, pushbuttons, HOAs, pilot lights, keyed switches, pressure switches, E-stops, NEMA rated enclosures

    • Busway Plugs

      Fusible Type, Breaker Type, Ground Kits, Neutral Kits, parts and accessories

    • Fusible Switches

      Panelboard Switches (240-600V), Disconnect Switches (240-600V), Bus Duct Switches

    • Explosion Proof Fittings

      New fittings in all sizes and materials: unions, elbows, sealing fittings, drains, breathers, flexible couplings, switches, push buttons, conduit bodies, junction boxes, outlet boxes, pilot lights, receptacles, plugs, disconnects, breaker enclosures

    • Transformers

      Indoor and Outdoor Dry-Type Transformers (100VA-500KVA)

    • Renewal Parts

      Contact Kits, Coils, Auxiliary Contacts, Overload Relays, Thermal Elements, Panel Mount Overload Relays, AC and DC relays

    • ...and More!

      Current Tools and Greenlee tools, Pin-And-Sleeve Devices, Lugs, Hoffman Enclosures, Fuses, PVC Coated Fittings, Condulets, Wiring Devices, grounding fittings, Strut Fittings, Pin Adapters

    • We buy from most Manufacturers!
    • Nationwide Electric Supply stocks Square D products
    • Nationwide Electric Supply stocks Cutler Hammer products
    • Allen Bradley - Nationwide Electric Supply
    • Nationwide Electric Supply stocks Siemens products
    • Nationwide Electric Supply stocks Bussman products
    • Cooper Crouse-Hinds logo
    • Nationwide Electric Supply stocks Appleton products
    • Nationwide Electric Supply stocks Hubbell products