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The holiday season is around the corner and Nationwide Electric would like you and your loved ones to be safe while celebrating! 

Here are a few ways to stay safe with electrical supplies:

  • Always buy safety LED bulbs
    • Can save you 90% of the power usage on your bill
    • Less likely to run hot, burn out, and even explode than their filament alternatives
Setting up.
  • Make sure that you’re not putting them near anything else flammable. This includes your other Christmas decorations!
  • Check your lights for any exposed or frayed cabling
  • Check to see if your bulbs are good when troubleshooting
  • Check that none of the bulbs have shattered their glass or you risk sparking an electrical fire when you turn them on
  • Keep your extension cables in the back of your mind as they can sometimes be dangerous. (It might sound silly, but thousands of people injure themselves around Christmas tripping over them.) 
  • For the roof, and particularly if your display uses a lot of lights, consider installing a safety switch in your meter box. These contraptions automatically monitor the power output of your line and will cut off power entirely when they detect anything approaching a harmful level before it has time to get through.
Don’t Let it Overheat.
  • Next time that there’s a hot day, check how hot your hardware is running. If it’s hot, make sure it’s not near or on anything that it could melt.
  • Keep an eye on them too

‘Tis the season to be safe.