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The Basics:
  • Born: September 22, 1791
  • Lived in: London, England
  • Discovered: Electromagnetic induction – if he moved a magnet through a loop of wire, the wire would become electrified. The “Faraday effect,” that proved that light and magnetic force are related. Electrolysis, which uses electricity to separate matter. Also discovered the chemical benzene.
  • Invented: The dynamo, which converted motion into electricity. The “Faraday cage,” which blocks electric waves.
  • Died: August 25, 1867
Did you know?
  • Many scientists did not believe Faraday’s ideas because he didn’t have a college education – he was completely self-taught. 
  • Michael Faraday was given a great opportunity to attend lectures by the world famous Sir Humphrey Davy, which made him even more interested in science.
  • His lab at the back of the bookshop.
  • He popularized new scientific terminology. 
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