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Call: 1-800-825-8524

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, most of us make one or two regarding our health and give up on it within a few weeks, but what if you made a few to help your safety that are practical and wouldn’t take much commitment; would you make them? Here are a few ideas: 

Resolution #1 – I will check my smoke alarms once a month

If you do this one simple task each month to your monthly routine that could double your chances of escaping from a house fire. All you need to do is press the button once a month and listen out for the beep. It is that easy.

Resolution #2 – I will check on my older relatives, friends, and neighbors more often

Electrical accidents in the home can pose a more significant risk to older people. This is often due to old quality housing that contains faulty electrics and appliances. These homes can be dangerous as they do not meet basic electrical safety standards, and do not include life-saving devices such as a modern fuse box, circuit breakers, and PVC wiring. Sometimes health conditions that cause reduced mobility and memory can increase the risk of an electrical accident, as these conditions.

Resolution #3 – I will stop buying cheap phone chargers 

Over 90% of fake chargers had the potential to cause a lethal electric shock or start a fire. It is a scary thought when you think about how often we continue to use our phones while they are charging or if you leave yours to charge overnight.

Resolution #4 – I will stop overloading my sockets

A simple tip to remember is to only use one extension lead per socket, and never plug an extension lead into another extension lead. Consider having additional sockets installed if you regularly rely on extension leads and adaptors.

Resolution #5 – I will register all of my electrical appliances

If any electrical item has been recalled, due to a dangerous fault, you could have a ticking time bomb in your house. Registering your products makes it possible for the manufacturer to easily get in touch with you if it turns out that the item you have bought is somehow has a recall. Electrical products are recalled more regularly than you might think, but typically only around 15% of these products are returned or repaired.